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Have you been told your symptoms are “in your head”, psychosomatic, incurable, or just “normal” symptoms of aging? Are you looking for more natural healing alternatives?

We have had good results in dealing with problems others have given up on.

We offer a revolutionary non-invasive diagnostic test that allows treatment to be customised to each individual.

We commonly deal with the following problems:
Fatigue; depression; headaches; anxiety; insomnia; loss of memory; eczema problems; menstrual problems; neuritis and neuralgia; attention deficit disorder; heavy metal toxicity; irritable bowel syndrome; chronic pain; asthma; thrush; chemical sensitivity; low immunity; joint pain; infertility; prostate problems; allergies; sensitivity to white-tail spider bites.
Are you feeling unwell?
Avoid guesswork and come and find out what is really wrong and exactly how it can be fixed.
Is your child unwell and regularly off school?
Let us help you identify the underlying reason for this, so that you can treat the problem and not just the symptoms.  All treatment options are natural and non-toxic.
  p_9.jpgDo you or someone in your family have an ongoing condition you would like a solution to?
We provide solutions for a broad range of conditions and treat anyone from babies to teenagers onwards.


Over the past 18 years...

our family has regularly sought Ricky Gorringe's help for a wide range of illnesses which various GP's could not diagnose or treat successfully. We have referred many people to Ricky - they have all reported success in resolving their health issues. He takes a real interest in his patients and we cannot speak highly enough of him.

Janice & Richard

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Child Poisoned by Aeroplane Chemicals

SK (a 4 year old boy) was admitted to Middlemore with symptoms similar to severe Parkinson’s Disease, ie quivering, drooling, unable to swallow, continual headaches, constant fatigue and joint pain. He was unable to sit up without support, had lost muscle control and couldn’t feed himself.....

Chronic Fatigue

....she was always tired and used caffeine to stay awake. She had noted a recent increasing of symptoms: fatigue; aching; digestive upsets; significant sleep disturbance; multiple sore sites over the body....
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About Us

We are located at 104 Fraser St, Tauranga.  We are happy to arrange appointment times to suit you - early morning or evening appointments are available. 

We are open from Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Ricky has free "phone-in times" on these days between 8am and 9am. All other enquiries please contact Sharon from 10:30am onwards.

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