Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue

This client was a 38 year old woman. She was only able to work a couple of hours a day, and only on some days. She had been this way for at least 2 years. She was always tired and used caffeine to stay awake. She had noted a recent increasing of symptoms: fatigue; aching; digestive upsets; significant sleep disturbance; multiple sore sites over the body; and lumps in her breast.

We found she had a significant zinc deficiency (which meant she couldn’t detoxify, nor deal with inflammation). We also found significant unrecognized infections (papilloma, listeria, chronic latent flu viruses) and two chemicals. All of these were removed with the help of homoeopathics and zinc supplementation.

Once these were dealt with she noticed: reduced brain fog; increased energy; increased sleep; less aching. Further improvement was stalled when she was effected by chemicals from a plane flight, so she underwent a detoxification of these and a program of desensitization. Further improvement continued, and further deep seated infections were removed. She continued to increase in strength and energy, and was coping with stressful moments better. She also had improved cognition. She also undertook a homeopathic desensitization programme with regard to cat fur.

Two and a half years later she was able to work full time with clarity of cognition.
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