Below are some of the comments that our clients have passed onto us:

Over the past 18 years our family has regularly sought Ricky Gorringe's help for a wide range of illnesses which various GP's could not diagnose or treat successfully. We have referred many people to Ricky - they have all reported success in resolving their health issues. He takes a real interest in his patients and we cannot speak highly enough of him.

Janice & Richard

We would like to say as a family, that without Ricki, our lives would be very, very different. Initially, we came with our older daughter, to ask for help because we could find no other way. Our elder daughter had been diagnosed with ME. We had been referred to all sorts of specialists, who variously told us that the problem lay with out pets, who, we were told, must be destroyed (which we did not do), that it was our daughter's own fault, that the problem lay with Richard and myself, because we were pushing her too hard. Prayer had helped, but for some reason, there was still no cure.
I will never forget our first visit to Ricki. It was soooo different. He took us seriously, and told us exactly what the medical problems were. Then, wonderfully, he gave us a timetable for the process that needed to take place. We came out of the office, feeling we had been heard and that there actually were answers that we could access. It really was like walking on air. But that was not the end of it! Ricki had warned us that the process would not be a short one. She is now a great deal better, but not completely so. However, while many people with ME/CFS are unable to work and spend most of their time in their homes, she had completed a degree, is working on her masters, and looking towards a PhD. Without Ricki's help, none of this would have happened.
On a visit, Ricki started to talk about an illness which I recognised in myself. Having said this, he then diagnosed me with several other problems... Up until this time, I had been having more and more problems with my memory. I had been afraid I was suffering from early onset alzheimers. Thirty minutes after seeing someone, I would have forgotten all about the meeting, and greet them as if I had not seen them in weeks. Other memory problems were also happening. It was scary. Ricki diagnosed a chemical problem, and since then, I have been able to complete not only a degree but also post graduate level studies, ordination. Work for me is now full and varied, and I no longer have the memory problems of those many years ago.
Some years ago, our younger daughter became very worried about her new baby. The GP said he had a simple cold that would clear up over time. Our concern led us to bring them to see Ricki - and thank goodness we did! He had a severe pneumonia, and could have died, but with Ricki's help, he is a bright 10 year old, who thinks Ricki is the best doctor he has gone to because he knows Ricki makes him well.
His younger brother also goes to Ricki. He too had a life threatening illness as a baby, which Ricki found and the GP didn't.
Ricki has also found that both boys have a problem with getting Mercury out of their systems. Young Aaron, the younger boy, now 8, had been classified as almost unteachable, and was being seen as the 'difficult' child in his class. With Ricki's treatment this year, he has gone from a problem child exhibiting symptoms of ADHD. However, his behaviour has changed and he is now able to manage his body as he has not in the past.
Over the past 20 years, we have continued to go to Ricki because we trust him and because we know that he will find out what is wrong with us and get us the right treatment that will enable us to continue with extremely busy lives. The above list of help is only a small part of what we have received. There isn't enough room to put it all in!! Without Ricki's help over the years, I dread to think what would have happened. We will certainly continue to visit Ricki when we need to, even though we live in Auckland, because he is the one who we can trust.

(Rev) Sandra Gibbons

My name is Lisa Cowie, and I started going to Ricky about 7 years ago. After never being allergic to anything in my life, I was admitted to hospital with an anaphylactic shock. Frustrated at not knowing what caused it, and feeling very ill, I went to Ricky. I have had several more reactions over the years, and Ricky has been extremely helpful in helping to work out what sets them off, and making sure I have the medication and know-how to deal with them.

If it wasn't for him, my husband and children would possibly not have a wife and mother today.

Over the years, all of my family have been seeing Ricky, and I've found his diagnostic methods and his extensive knowledge as a GP and homeopath, very successful. 
Lisa Cowie

Thank you for all your helping me, our family and friends. I refer people to you just about every week - two yesterday.

I have farmed and studied animal health, their food and supplements since 1955, and human health since 1986 when I was selenium and magnesium deficient without knowing it. I studied by reading all the books and articles I could find, asking questions of pharmacists, health shops and others in human health, attending seminars and by doing trials.

Dr Ricky Gorringe is a specialist in identifying and curing allergies and toxins with the aim of getting rid of the cause rather than repeatedly treating the symptoms.

Several doctors have told me that they are trained in the hundred year old conventional medical system, run by the major drug companies, and have little time to study the thousand year old natural medicines and other fields, even as simple as nutrition. Therefore, they are uninformed about alternatives, but some of them (fewer now than a decade ago), still criticise natural medicines that rely on the body's healing ability, if given what it needs after toxins are removed. Being able to diagnose the problem, illness, infection, etc., is the most important aspect of medicine. Not recognising, or giving a wrong diagnosis, is a major problem that most
doctors and hospitals have.

After dairy farming on peat (a mineral deficient soil) and being diagnosed by a naturopath as selenium and magnesium deficient I developed a soluble mineral mix to go in animals' drinking water. It has been incredibly successful and not changed for 23 years, copied by four companies in New Zealand and some overseas.

Grandson cured where hospitals failed
Dr Ricky Gorringe diagnosed organo-phosphate (Malathion and Maldison) poisoning in our grandson in seconds, and cured him in months after the two main hospitals in Auckland couldn't, even after him being between them for a year. They ended up saying that he had a virus, which means they didn't know what the problem was, which is disgraceful.

Friend helped
He also cured a friend in weeks after he'd been dismissed from Tauranga Hospital, who had given up after a year, also blaming a virus. The friend wrote to me, "A neurologist diagnosed polymositis which got worse until I could hardly walk. He admitted after a year that he could not cure me. Three weeks after Dr Gorringe's treatment with Zinc [a powerful antioxidant), and draining lead and other chemicals out of my body, I started getting better and have kept improving, and can now climb a ladder and prune trees."
He has since helped build a house and renovated another. He spent decades making (soldering) circuit boards which give off fumes, which he is still doing, but less often, and is now protected by Dr Gorringe's medicines.

In USA a third of a million die annually just from a lack of magnesium, and New Zealand soil levels are lower. On a percentage basis this is 4,000 dying here per annum, but our health establishment wouldn't have a clue.

Acid Reflux
Losec (even three a day), Ranitidine, Motilium, Carafate and Gaviscon antacids all helped to start with, but not for more than a week or two. Betaine (hydrochloric acid) didn't help.

An hiatus hernia operation on 25 October 2005 didn't help. Before the operation I was warned by doctors and those who had had it, that swallowing would be difficult for a long time after, perhaps months. In the hospital I was given usual food, so chewed it thoroughly, but had no problem swallowing and had no problem ever and was on normal eating within a week. So I think the sphincter was opened too far. [The surgeion said] the operation was successful, but it wasn't. Prior to the operation I'd never had refluxes every hour or two in the early hours and never had such a sore throat, tongue and even acid burnt lips.

For three months after the operation I had rumbling in my tummy, dreadful wind and acid coming up my throat to mouth within an hour of lying down, unless I had eaten, in which case no acid would come up for two hours.
[The surgeon] said I was swallowing too much air!!! I swallowed no more than prior to the operation. This showed that he was out of his depth.

On a typical night, after going to bed at the usual 11 pm, I would have acid wake me a bit after midnight, again at 2 or 3 am and again at 4 or 5 am, by which time my throat, tongue and lips are very sore. Each time I wake I wash my mouth and lips and drink honey in water or flavoured milk which washed the acid down and soothed everything.

A $3,500 Relaxa Tilta bed didn't help. With my head and feet up in a V, in my sleep my head would slip over the side. I tried a normal mattress up 15 cm and used three pillows, but at night slipped down. I don't get heartburn and or refluxes when standing or sitting, but when sleeping acid is worse than before the hiatus hernia operation.

At its worst, I woke every hour gasping for a drink as acid burned my mouth and lips.
I went back to [the surgeon] for a second checkup. He checked my oesophagus on 17 January 2006 and said that the operation was successful (IT WAS NOT). I'd tried every medicine from seven doctors, many specialists, chemists and health stores without success. Two said I'd have it for life, I was waking every hour or two and having to wash my mouth and lips and taking a long time to get to sleep again. My tongue became white from acid burn. I read that if digestion is not perfect, refluxes will keep occurring so I've tried to do everything right, eat variety with no big meals, eat slowly in peace, rest afterwards, no tight clothing, drink lots of water, etc., so I did.

After three months of dreadful wind both ways and a bloated stomach, I went to Dr Gorringe who had cured many things for me, my wife, family and friends. He prescribed Metagenics Probex (a digestion probiotic) before meals. It completely eliminated all wind after taking it before only two meals and improved my digestion dramatically. It is a disgrace that [the surgeon] didn't know about it.

Vaughan Jones
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