The following services are offered through Waikato Health Clinic Ltd by Ricky Gorringe, Practitioner of Bio-energy and Complementary Therapies

1. Treating areas which have had less than satisfactory outcomes up to the present time;
2. Complementary and natural therapy treatments, to complement traditional treatments already in place through your doctor;
3. Musculoskeletal and sports medicine problems looked at with complementary and natural therapies;
4. Orthomolecular approaches to health problems (physical, psychiatric and nutritional);
5. Wellness work-ups and maintenance;
6. Health optimisation and fitness programs;
7. Treatment for primary & secondary infertility;
8. Tropical medicine problems - a fresh approach;
9. All detoxification programs;
10. Behavourial work-ups looking for organic or physical components - allergy, sprays, chemicals, miasms etc.

1. Full bio-energy diagnosis with assistance from kinesiology techniques such as BDORT (Bi-Digital O-Ring Testing)
2. Homeopathy...isopathy, complex, constitutional, detoxifying, and flower remedies.
3. Orthomolecular therapies (use of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and normal body molecular compounds for treatment).
4. Testing of medicines for compatibility, allergy and appropriateness.
5. Detoxification procedures of all kinds.
6. Full searches for toxic residues including old bacterial, viral, chemical residues (including pesticides, herbicides, fungicides) and miasms.
7. Prayer for healing specifically for food allergies, allergens, pollens, animal danders, bacteria and viruses.
8. Other types of prayer on request and according to need.
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About Us

We are located at 104 Fraser St, Tauranga.  We are happy to arrange appointment times to suit you - early morning or evening appointments are available. 

We are open from Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Ricky has free "phone-in times" on these days between 8am and 9am. All other enquiries please contact Sharon from 10:30am onwards.

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P: 07  578 5555
104 Fraser Street
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