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Ricky_Image.JPGRicky Gorringe

Ricky Gorringe began his interest in health and fitness with a successful running career. He set several records before pursuing an initial career as a physical eductation teacher with a Dip Phys Ed, Dip Tchg. He went on to complete a BSc in biochemistry before qualifying as a doctor with an MBChB. Following this he worked in general practice in Cambridge and Papua New Guinea before becoming MRNZCGP (Member of the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners). After he developed ME (myelgic encephalomyelitis) from chemical poisoning, he turned to the area of complementary medicine to regain health, due to the limitations of traditional medicine and drug therapy.

Over the last 20 years he has trained in bio-energy medicine and BDORT (Bi-Digital O-Ring Testing), initially under Dr Gerald Gibb, Auckland, and then Professor Yoshiako Omura, New York. He has attended numerous seminars and training courses both overseas and in New Zealand.
He has developed an avid interest in naturopathic, nutritional medicine and homeopathy, spending four years at BOP School of Homeopathy.
Ricky enjoys cycling and half-marathon running. 
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About Us

We are located at 104 Fraser St, Tauranga.  We are happy to arrange appointment times to suit you - early morning or evening appointments are available. 

We are open from Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Ricky has free "phone-in times" on these days between 8am and 9am. All other enquiries please contact Sharon from 10:30am onwards.

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P: 07  578 5555
104 Fraser Street
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